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This help & support center contains answers to common and frequently asked question (FAQ) asked by users.

How can I unsubscribe from promotional email notifications?

You can easily toggle the option for accepting promotional email notifications about your ads from your ' My Profile ' section after logging into your account.

Preview of website URL

Give your business a boost by adding link to your website. This is how your website link will appear on your Ad:

How can I promote my ads?

You can use any of the following methods to promote your ads. Ad Promotion Methods: Premium Ads Spotlight Ads Attention Getters

My Ad was deleted. Will my fees be reversed?

As per the terms and conditions of this site, all purchased features fees are non refundable. If your Ad was deleted for violating Khrido policies, then any fees you paid for any features will not be

I purchased a paid feature, but I still cannot see my Ad. Why?

Sometimes the Ads may get delayed from getting posted. This may happen to random Ads whether paid or unpaid in order to reduce and stop the spam on this site. If your Ad was delayed due to some reason

What are the prices of paid features?

Prices of the paid features depend on the location and category. Each location and category is priced differently. To find out about the paid features, click on Post Ad and select the category you

What are the different methods I can make the payment?

You can use PayPal to purchase any paid feature on this site. If you do not have PayPal Account then you can use your Visa Card for the payment on PayPal. PayPal also accepts Visa or MasterCard so…

What are Attention Getters?

Catch visitors' attention with these catchy attention getters. These will appear next to your Ad's title, when visitors are looking for great and quick deals. Similar symbol will appear in your ad…

What are Spotlight Ads?

Make your Ad stand out from the rest and attract more visitors by increased visibility. Your Ad block will be colored, making your Ad really stand out and help visitors notice these Ads more amongst…

What are Premium Ads?

Premium Ads will be placed at the top of the list. Visitors will see your Ads first. This feature also places your Ad in the top of the category listings. These Ads get the most responses from people…