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This help & support center contains answers to common and frequently asked question (FAQ) asked by users.

How do I report a bug?

If you encountered a bug while using Khrido and wish to report it, please use our bug report form. Please give us as much information as possible like: Page URL you encountered the bug on, Steps to…

Do you have this site available at any other places?

Due to the huge demand of our members, we are constantly growing. Please check out our cities list. If you cannot find your location, feel free to send us a request to add it to our site. We will…

What does Khrido charge for?

You will not be charged if your item sells through a posting or you buy on Khrido.

Does Khrido offer any type of mediation between buyers and sellers?

Khrido is a convenient platform to connect buyers and sellers. All transactions and the details of the transactions are completed between the two parties. Khrido does not get involved in these details

Can I suggest a new feature?

You are most welcome to send us your feedback and any ideas on how we can make it more pleasant and convenient service for you. We're constantly updating our website and adding new features based…

What are "Cookies" and "JavaScript" and why must they be enabled?

Cookies are small bits of text stored on your computer that are sent to our web site to identify you from other visitors. We use cookies for a variety of purposes such as remembering what city you