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Why K-Shop?

K-Shops can be specifically used by our users who have multiple items or services for sale. This is different from regular ads because you can add a custom 'title' and a brief 'description' about your products and services you provide. K-Shops are very useful if you have more than one item on sale.

Also, the link you generate for your K-Shop is a permanent link that lists all your items at one place and you can also freely distribute it for better exposure of your products or services.

Important Note: Please make sure that you post your ads using regular ad posting process. Once you have posted your ads, and click on 'Create K-Shop Link' button, all your posts will be displayed in your K-Shop automatically. After that, you can customize your K-Shop.

Creating K-Shop:

This is how you can create a K-Shop:

  • Register and create a username;
  • Login to your account;
  • Click on Post Ads;
  • Choose suitable category;
  • Submit your ad;
  • Once you are done posting your ads, click on "Create K-Shop Link";
  • You can also upload your logo, and give brief description about the products and services in your K-Shop;
  • You can edit your K-Shop items anytime by clicking on "Go to Ad Management Page" from your account;
  • Please note that once you have created a K-Shop, it can also be accessed from ad details page";
  • You can also access your K-Shop by copy pasting the K-Shop link in your browser window;

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